Nancy Pelosi Busted Misleading Public, Gets ‘Pants On Fire’ Rating From PolitiFact Over Wisconsin Voter Purge Claim


Nancy Pelosi just got called out by a leading political fact-checker over her hysterical claims surrounding a recent Wisconsin voter purge.

The Dems and their friends in the media love to say the GOP’s efforts to clean up voter rolls are nefarious.

They never have proof of their claims and will even go so far as not concede when they lose an election (Abrams in Georgia) over the claims.

So it was not surprising that Pelosi spouted off erroneously when Wisconsin cleaned up their voter this week.

“It’s beyond alarming that more than 200,000 registered Wisconsin voters will be prohibited from voting,“ she tweeted.

Thankfully, PolitiFact was there to keep her in check. From PolitiFact:

So what happens to the 234,000 voters?

The claim by Pelosi, via her Twitter account, is that they will be “prohibited” from voting.

But anyone in this group has multiple opportunities to regain their status as registered voters. Voters who are removed from the rolls — correctly or not — can re-register online, at their clerk’s office or even at the polls on Election Day.

Wisconsin is one of 21 states that allows voters to register at their polling place the day of the election, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures…

…That said, the 234,000 people who received the letter are not prohibited from voting.

The Elections Commission stated this explicitly in the Oct. 10, 2019, announcement that the letters were being sent.

“This mailing is designed to help people who may have moved within Wisconsin make sure they’re ready to vote next year,”  said Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief elections official. “It will not keep anyone eligible from voting.”

When asked for evidence supporting the tweet, a Pelosi spokesman acknowledged the ability to re-register but largely reiterated the same overstated claim.

“Of course, if people re-register, they will be able to vote,” said Jorge Aguilar. “If the purge goes through, people will be de-registered and not be allowed to vote.”

PolitiFact then delivered its verdict and it was not kind to Nancy Pelosi.

Weighing in on the Wisconsin voter rolls controversy, Pelosi says these 200,000-plus people “will be prohibited from voting.”

That’s a major overstatement of how this actually works.

Yes, the pruning process — if allowed by the courts — could potentially remove more than 200,000 people from the voting rolls before the upcoming elections. But there is no punitive element that would ban future voting. Everyone can re-register, even on Election Day.

The use of the word “prohibited,” in particular, goes too far, in that it suggests there is no way to vote in the future.

We rate Pelosi’s claim Pants on Fire.