President Trump To Blacklist Bloomberg News Over Open Bias for Democrat Candidates


President Trump’s re-election campaign will formally blacklist Bloomberg News over obvious and very open bias for the Democrats.

The left will howl with rage but this move makes sense. Here’s the full story – after Michael Bloomberg announced he will try to save the Dem party and run for president, Bloomberg News made the extraordinary decision to not do any investigative journalism on Democratic 2020 candidates.

Because the media outlets refuse to dig into its founder Michael Bloomberg, they will extend that courtesy to all the other Dem candidates.

But not to Trump. No, Trump is fair game but Biden is not according to Bloomberg news so Trump will blacklist.

“The decision by Bloomberg News to formalize preferential reporting policies is troubling and wrong,” said Brad Parscale.

“Bloomberg News has declared that they won’t investigate their boss or his Democrat competitors, many of whom are current holders of high office, but will continue critical reporting on President Trump.

As President Trump’s campaign, we are accustomed to unfair reporting practices, but most news organizations don’t announce their biases so publicly.

Presented with this new policy from Bloomberg News, our campaign was forced to determine how to proceed.

Since they have declared their bias openly, the Trump campaign will no longer credential representatives of Bloomberg News for rallies or other campaign events.

We will determine whether to engage with individual reporters or answer inquiries from Bloomberg News on a case-by-case basis.

This will remain the policy of the Trump campaign until Bloomberg News publicly rescinds its decision.”

Bloomberg editor-in-chief hit back weakly with: “The accusation of bias couldn’t be further from the truth. We have covered Donald Trump fairly and in an unbiased way since he became a candidate in 2015 and will continue to do so despite the restrictions imposed by the Trump campaign.”