Roger Ailes Thought Barack And Rahm Were Gay, Insulted Michelle Obama With Slur About Her Looks


Alisyn Camerota got her start at Fox News with Roger Ailes at the helm. In an explosive new article, she is spilling the beans on what it was like to work at Fox News.

Most of it is stuff you have already heard but few key passages stand out. Roger believed he was saving the country from liberal madness, and after the IG report dropped his warning is more prescient than ever. She wrote in Vanity Fair:

“See, I’m the guy trying to turn the herd. I see the direction the country is heading in, and trust me, it ain’t going to be a happy ending. Sure, it would be easier for me to just throw in the towel. I have enough money to last several lifetimes. And some days I want to let ‘em all go off the cliff. I’m too old for this shit. I hear what people say about me. They say I’m dividing the country. But I’m saving the country. I’ve been fighting this battle for a long time.”


Roger stopped, and I could have sworn his voice caught. “This is how I serve my country. I know this sounds melodramatic, but you don’t leave your battle station in the middle of the fight. And I love this country too much to give up on her. Because if we don’t win and they win, that’s the end of life as we know it.”

But it was what Camerota claimed Roger said about Rahm Emanuel and Barack and Michelle Obama that has everyone talking.

She wrote:

I never knew what would set him off on a racist or homophobic rant. “You still think the skinny black guy is cute,” he said one afternoon.

Skinny black guy? I wracked my brain. Then it hit me.

“We have a president who only supports Muslims,” Roger went on. “He hates Jews.” I’d learned by then it was pointless to try to reason with Roger, but I still routinely fell into his trap.

“What do you mean?” I said. “Rahm Emanuel is his chief of staff.”

“Rahm is gay, ok?”

“Where are you getting your information?”

“At best the black guy is a metrosexual. That’s all I’m saying. They have a special bond. He’s not having sex with that amazon.”

I felt a pang of nausea. “You mean the first lady?”

“Yeah, that amazon. They’re not having sex. I can tell you, he won’t visit Israel. Because he can’t stand Jews. He says it in his books, which by the way were written by two different people. He says he hates Jews in there. And he’s not crazy about white people either. When people are protesting in the streets of Iran, he doesn’t support them, he supports Ahmadinejad.”

I wanted to scream but stood there, disassociating, waiting for it to end.

“He said it himself!” he went on. “He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t just me being crazy old Roger.”

Bingo. I guess this guy really did read minds.