San Diego Doctor Launches Recall Against Trump Nemesis California Gov Gavin Newsom For Ruining State


A prominent San Diego doctor just crossed the rubicon and will start an official recall petition against California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Now, before you discount this move remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger was only elected to lead California after a Democrat Governor Gray Davis was recalled.

Davis lost the petition fight and was removed from office and Arnold was able to walk in and start his political career.


Also, Wisconsin voters tried and failed to recall Scott Walker a few years ago so do not discount this effort as many in California are fed up with the problems in the state Newsom is ignoring.

From Fox News:

A San Diego doctor who emigrated from South America is pushing to oust California Gov. Gavin Newsom, arguing the state’s left-wing leadership has allowed cities to become “overrun by homelessness.”

“I came here legally at age 11. Having grown up in extreme poverty and being homeless to now being one of San Diego’s most prominent physicians, that’s the American Dream, that’s the California dream. And that’s what Gov. Newsom and left-wingers in the legislature are progressively destroying,” James Veltmeyer said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

Homelessness is a growing problem in California. For example, the homeless population in San Francisco has grown to more than 17,000, a 30 percent jump from last year, according to a city database…

..Newsom dismissed the recall efforts, blaming them on a “handful of partisan activists supporting President Trump and his dangerous agenda to divide America. He accused Veltmeyer and Cruz of demonizing Californians and attacking the state’s values.

Veltmeyer denied the accusation, arguing Newsom’s policies are not helping Californians.

“What is he doing for us?” he asked, adding that a major reason for the recall is that American veterans are living on the streets in California, unable to receive quality health care, while Newsom supports free health care for illegal immigrants.