Sarah Sanders Confirms Dem Nightmare, “Seriously Considering Running” For Office in 2020


Sarah Sanders just confirmed the rumors that she is indeed looking at running for political office for the first time in her career.

Sanders has been working in politics for years both at the state level and the national level and many were wondering if she would take a shot at higher office.

In this case, Sarah is considering running for governor of Arkansas in 2020 – most thought she would wait a few years before she ran so this is good news as Sarah would be a huge asset for conservative causes if she held office.

And for the Democrats it represents a nightmare as they loathe Sarah almost as much as they hate Trump, so Sarah winning would crush their very souls.

But more importantly, it shows the GOP embraces tough, successful women heading into an election where the female vote will be fiercely fought over.

From CNN:

Sanders explained at the summit held in West Palm Beach, Florida, that she first wanted to focus on getting her previous employer, President Donald Trump, reelected. The President spoke to conservative students at the summit on Saturday.

When asked if she would run for governor in 2020, Sanders said, “I’m very seriously looking at it right now.”

“I love Arkansas, I love my home state, I am so happy to be back home and we’ll see what happens,” Sanders, who exited the White House in June, said. “But certainly looking at that.”

Sanders then made a joke about recruiting the youth at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit as volunteers.

In a previous interview with the New York Times, Sanders said she felt she’d “been called” to run for governor.