The Men Who Saved America From The Liberal Mob Deserve Your Gratitude


The entire Democrat/media business partnership went after four men who dared stand up to them and speak the truth.

They were attacked, daily, from almost every media outlet for doing what was right. The amount of incoming these men (and others but these guys took the brunt of it) took was just staggering.

They were called every name in the book and then the Democrats and their friends in the media went to work on them.

They were called traitors to America and assets of Russia and yet they stood tall.

The amount of disinformation pumped into the media ecosystem through leaks by Comey, Brennan and Schiff overwhelmed many an impartial observer.

But it turns out these men were right and the media and the Democrats were wrong and worse were exposed as smear merchants who were the real danger to America.

Imagine pushing a phony hoax on the American people with one goal – to disrupt democracy so they could keep on making money hand over fist and use their influence to push stupid wars and drive this country into more debt.

Devin Nunes was mercilessly called a dunce, a stooge, who worked for Russia when he broke the FISA abuse scandal three years ago.

For three years he was right and Rachel Maddow was wrong. He was attacked and ridiculed and no one, least of all Maddow or Comey has apologized.

He got the biggest story of the century right and they got it wrong and they owe him to correct the record and clear his name.

Sean Hannity faced the same incoming. He was branded a traitor to America who pushed fake news and Russian disinformation.

He, along with Fox News was called a danger to democracy and a threat to America itself. But Hannity and Fox were the only ones to get the story right. Hannity stood up to the mob and put Sara Carter and John Solomon on the air and let them tell the real story.

He was crucified for it and the establishment shills who mocked him owe him an apology.

Bill Barr, the man who did more than anyone to save the Republic was torn apart and called a traitor who was politicizing the DOJ and was literally threatened with jail by the liberal mob.

He stood tall. He did not flinch. He ordered a top to bottom review of what happened with an open mind.

Barr was prepared to report to the American people what he found, independent of politics because so much was at stake. Literally democracy itself hung in the balance as he investigated the dirty cops Comey and Brennan.

What he found – the malicious malfeasance by the media and FBI and Democrats will go down as the biggest scandal in Amerian history and remember, if not for Barr they would have gotten away with it.

He also indicted 8 people for illegally funneling foreign money into Hillary’s campaign which in itself is a big deal as Trump was accused of this during the Russia witch hunt. Barr’s bombshell indictments were barely covered by the media and that alone tells you how they work to protect the left and demonize the right.

President Trump stood alone facing the onslaught of lies and disinformation and outright slander and he was vindicated in the end. He was called every name in the book and some of his businesses have suffered during the Russian hoax.

But he stood tall. That fact – that he would not give an inch when he knew he was 100% innocent will absolutely get him re-elected in 2020.

His other accomplishments are well known but it bears repeating – if Trump did not stand and fight we may have lost the soul of America and the unelected bureaucrats like Comey would be empowered and would do worse the next time.

Comey and Brennan and the rest need jail sentences for what they did to make sure it never happens again.

These four men took some much sh*t for standing up for America they deserve our thanks because without them and their sacrifices we would have crossed a line and would have lost what makes America forever.