Trump Calls Rashida Tlaib Bad For America After She Was Busted Gloating Over Doomed Impeachment


The Democrats may have won the vote yesterday to impeach in the House but they have lost the battle for public opinion.

Pelosi knew the dangers and she warned her members not to gloat and celebrate that they finally impeached Trump after three years of trying to find a reason.

Pelosi knows impeachment is a political loser and for proof just look at what she is doing right now by refusing to send the articles to the Senate because the GOP will quickly toss them.

She has no idea what to do and her worst fears are coming true – her members are gloating about impeaching but not convicting Trump in the Senate and it will come back to haunt them in 2020.’

Just as this video will come back to haunt Rashida Tlaib.

From PJ Media:

Yesterday, congressional Democrats were told by Nancy Pelosi that they should behave, well, with some sense of decorum. They weren’t allowed to celebrate President Trump’s impeachment, and when they started cheering she quickly stared them down. However, at other places and at other moments, Democrats did let themselves go. Case in point: Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Tlaib is, of course, one of the very worst human beings ever to call themselves a “member of Congress.” After all, this is the woman who shouted “impeach the MF’er!” when she was just sworn in. Later this year, she actually started selling “impeach the MF” t-shirts.

In any case, although she and her fellow Democrats were told by Pelosi to pretend to be very solemn — oh yes, it was a “somber day” — Tlaib couldn’t hide her glee. Or, perhaps I should say: she didn’t want to hide it.

“Hey everyone! I’m on my way to the United States House floor to impeach President Trump on behalf of my incredible district,” Tlaib told her followers while smiling and laughing. In the background, other Democrats (either staffers or members of Congress, it’s hard to tell them apart since none of them take this matter seriously) can be heard laughing and jeering.