Trump Cements Labor Union’s Support After Trade Deal: ‘Huge Win for Working People in America’


Labor union leaders such as the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka and the United Steelworkers President Thomas Conway just came out with strong support for Trump’s new trade deal USMCA.

The significance of this trade deal cannot be overstated as for the first time the American worker was put first.

While Pelosi tries to scramble and take credit for the deal, Trump is the one who got it done.

Look, many in the GOP were not happy with the deal as they are bought and paid for by special interests.

Some 40 Dems in the House opposed it as well – it was Trump who cut through the noise and got the deal done.

What really should terrify the Democrats is this is a signal that Trump is stealing the Dems base right out from under Pelosi’s nose and cementing a new bipartisan ruling coalition that will carry him to victory in 2020 and beyond.

From Breitbart:

“Because of our patience and perseverance, the USMCA now includes strong labor rights and a viable mechanism to enforce them,” Trumka wrote in an op-ed for CNN, praising the trade deal.

“We also secured a separate enforcement mechanism that allows for inspections of factories and facilities that don’t live up to their obligations. This was an important priority for the labor movement because it ensures that working people in all three countries have greater protections under this new agreement.”

Trumka wrote that the deal “isn’t perfect,” but that it is “a far cry from the original NAFTA, and that is a huge win for working people in North America.”

United Steelworkers President Thomas Conway said in a statement that USMCA is “certainly better than NAFTA,” with its provisions demanding Mexico change its labor laws so that American workers are not forced to compete against vastly low-wage Mexican nationals:

The revised deal is better than the original USMCA and certainly better than NAFTA. It should be adopted. The leaders of all three countries must diligently enforce the provisions, however, and we intend to hold them accountable to ensure that workers, the environment and consumers are protected. [Emphasis added]

Outsourcing won’t end as companies continue to search the globe for places where they can profit off of the hard work of others, spoil the environment to improve their balance sheets and raise prices for basic needs. The fight for fair trade won’t end with this agreement, but it’s an agreement worth passing. [Emphasis added]

The left-wing Public Citizen organization, which tracks globalization’s impact on American workers, even released a statement noting that trade deals such as USMCA are where trade negotiations should start rather than deals such as former President Obama’s failed Trans Pacific-Partnership (TPP).