Trump Fans Put Dems On Notice As Thousands Wait In Frigid Conditions For Tonight’s Michigan Rally


The ratings for tonight’s Trump rally in Michigan and going to be so big even CNN will cover it live. The Democrats, having blown impeachment, are now going to get upstaged by Trump on live TV.

Do you think anyone will watch the boring House Dems or an energized Trump rail against the Dems overreach and the FBI’s lawless behavior?

Trump supporters are out in the thousands hours before the rally, in frigid temperatures, to show their support for the man who is fighting for them.

You can’t buy that kind of support. You cannot fake that kind of support. You have to earn that kind of support.

It does terrify Dems, believe me, they threw everything they had at Trump and not only is he still standing, he is thriving.

Remember, this is Michigan and it is one of the handful of states that will decide the outcome of the 2020 election.

His poll numbers are higher at this point than at the same point for Obama. Think about that…