Trump’s Surging Popularity Among Latino’s Spells Doom For Dems in 2020 According To CNN Reporter


Here are three facts the media will never report. Barack Obama deported more illegal immigrants than President Trump.

Hispanic Americans are a natural fit for the GOP because of their Catholic faith and that they tend to start their own business and work for themselves rather than look for a job. And Hispanic support for Trump is surging, as high as 37% in some polls.

Steve Cortes an analyst for CNN just wrote about Trump’s surging numbers among Hispanics (Trump is also surging among African Americans) and how it spells doom for every single Dem candidate.

Steve wrote: “For decades, Republicans have searched in vain for the right combination of platform and messaging to win over the burgeoning Hispanic population of America. Recent polling and policy successes suggest that President Trump may have hit upon it.

Perhaps paradoxically, the man whom corporate media pillories as a bigot could convince the majority of Hispanics to vote for the GOP in 2020.

My network, CNN, released a poll last week of California voters. The survey revealed a remarkable level of support for the president from minority voters in the deeply Democratic state.

In a head-to-head matchup with present front-runner Joe Biden, Donald Trump earns 32% support from non-white Californians. His support vs. Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders also registers percentages in the low 30s.

If Trump can garner a third of the minority vote in a state that provided the entirety of Hillary Clinton’s popular vote surplus in 2016, then on a national basis the Democratic Party faces a daunting, and perhaps even impossible, uphill climb to unseat the president.

In fact, national polling displays pronounced support for this president among Hispanics. For example, The Hill published a poll in September showing his Hispanic approval at 37%.

Then a November Emerson poll found similar 38% Latino approval. In a related surprise, that same Emerson survey rocked the political world with a 34% approval rating for the president among black voters.

The mainstream media barely acknowledges this steady groundswell of support, which so starkly contradicts its preferred narrative.

But while biased journalists and partisan commentators spread lies about Charlottesville and pretend that border control is racist, our entrepreneur-in-chief got to work creating the conditions for faster, broader prosperity in our land, particularly for economically lagging minorities.

When I met him in the Oval Office shortly after he assumed office, the first question President Trump asked me was, “Steve, what can we do to help Hispanic Americans?”

Through regulatory rollback, tax relief, and smarter trade deals, his economic doctrine vaulted Hispanic wages above the pace of white incomes nationally. Even the Washington Post reported in September that of the 5.2 million new jobs created since Trump’s election, an astounding 4.5 million of them went to minorities.”