Bernie Sanders Comes Clean, Admits Illegal Immigration Drives Down Wages For American Workers


Bernie Sanders has finally come clean and it just may help him in the hotly contested 2020 election. Well, it will help him in the general if he makes it, in the Dem primary what he just admitted about illegal immigration may very well sink his chances.

Because Bernie, speaking to the New York Times, came clean and admitted illegal immigration drives down waged for the American worker.

Look, it is that simple and you will hear only two candidates telling the truth – Bernie and Trump.


It is not enough for the greedy corporations to outsource our jobs, then they want to bring in cheap labor illegal or via visa scams to make us compete for jobs on our own soil.

Remember during the 2016 campaign when Disney made American computer programmers, who worked for Disney for years and did excellent work, had to train their replacements, who had inferior skills, in America?

They brought over subpar computer engineers to take the place of the Americans but because the Indian replacements were so bad Disney made the Americans stay on a few months to train the replacements and threatened to not give severance to any American who refused this humiliation.

Only Trump fought for those people and possibly Bernie would if given the chance. So while Bernie admitting the truth could help him in the general against Trump, it will doom him in the AOC primary as admitting the truth about illegal immigration will get you shunned.

From The Daily Caller:

Sanders, when asked, reaffirmed his support for border decriminalization and his pledge to end all deportations — positions that immigration enforcement officials have said would lead to more illegal immigration. However, the board then reminded the senator that he once said illegal immigrants and guest worker programs lead to lower wages for low-skilled American workers.

“No, that’s what I said on the Lou Dobbs’ show 250 years ago, right?” Sanders answered. “It gets repeated a little bit. But look, I think if you look at the proposal that we have, and I speak as the son of an immigrant. What we are going to do — you asked me what we do in the first hundred days. I’ll tell you what we do on Day 1.”

The senator said, if elected president, he would give legal status to DACA recipients, attempt to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” and undo other Trump administration border policies. Sanders went on to say that he’s seen illegal immigrants get exploited by employers, and that he would work to end such exploitation.

“So, I think you’re raising an issue, though, that we don’t talk about a whole lot when we talk about immigration, and that is the exploitation of undocumented workers. If you don’t have any documentation, I could hire you for five bucks an hour and what recourse do you have?” Sanders said.

“But you don’t think that that exploitation results in lower wages for domestic workers?” Binyamin Appelbaum, a member of the NYT editorial board, then asked the senator.

The Vermont lawmaker answered in the affirmative.

“Sure it does. Right now, we have people who are being exploited. If you’re undocumented, and you’re being paid five bucks an hour, why am I going to pay her $12 an hour?” Sanders said.