Chuck Schumer Admits Defeat After Adam Schiff Fails To Make Case: “Probably No More Witnesses”


A bitter Chuck Schumer just admitted defeat in the impeachment saga and he was not happy about the historic loss the Dems will own tomorrow.

He whined earlier that Mitch was using his majority, as one does when they win elections, to control the trial.

“Well, look, it’s clear that McConnell’s rules caused the trial to be rushed with as little evidence as possible in the dark of night,” Schumer has said. “They do not want the evidence to come out.”

Today Chuck Schumer admitted defeat and said the Dems will probably not get to call witnesses before trying to blame Schiff’s failure on the ‘pressure’ Trump put on the GOP Senators.

From The Washington Examiner:

“The president and Mitch McConnell put huge pressure on these folks,” Schumer told reporters Wednesday. “So I hope we can get witnesses and documents. It’s an uphill fight. Is it more likely than not? Probably no. But is it a decent, good chance? Yes.”

Impeachment managers have spent the last week arguing that additional witnesses and documents not gathered during the House impeachment investigation into Trump should be included in the evidence senators consider before voting on whether to remove him from office.

House Democrats impeached Trump on two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, after an investigation found Trump pressured a foreign leader to investigate his political rivals.

The top witness Democrats want to hear from is John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, who claims the president discussed a freeze on military aid to the country with him.

Democrats say Bolton’s claims are a clear example of a “quid pro quo” Trump engaged in.

Trump has called his impeachment a “hoax” and threatened potential Republican defectors on Twitter.

Trump supporters are showing what they think of the impeachment by waiting in freezing conditions for Trump’s rally tonight.