Eric Herschmann Hits For Obama Abusing Power For Political Benefit Shaming Dems: ‘Sound Familiar House Managers’


White House counsel Eric Herschmann just played his ace card and exposed Barack Obama for using his office for personal political gain in a quid pro quo.

“President Obama abused the powers of the Presidency in a manner that compromised the national security of the United States and undermined the integrity of the US democratic process. Does it sound familiar, House managers? It should.”

“He was asking an adversary for space for the express purpose of furthering his own election purposes… ‘after my election I have more flexibility.’ Ouch.

Transcript From Fox News:

Herschmann playing a clip of former President Obama speaking with ex-President of Russia — Obama, during the conversation had said that “this is my last election. After my election, I will have more flexibility.”

Herschmann says that Obama abused his power in this instance.

“The president exercises official power. In his role as head of state during a nuclear security summit after asking the Russian president for space, he promised him missile defense can be solved? What else can that mean than in a way that can be solved for the Russians?” he says, adding that Obama made this statement for his own personal benefit.

“He was asking an adversary for space for the express purpose of furthering his own election purposes… ‘after my election i have more flexibility.’ Obama knew the importance of missile defense in Europe but decided to use it as a bargaining chip,” he says.

…ignoring and injuring our national interest… missiles would give us the ability to protect our bases, troops, and our allies would injure the national interest but Obama was willing to barter away the safety of our troops and safety of our allies in exchange for space during the 2012 election.”

Herschmann describes this as a “quid pro quo.”

Herschmann says that Obama caved on missile defense in late 2009– “his hot mic moment happened in March 2012.”

Two years later, in March 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea….President Obama refused to provide lethal aid to Ukraine to defend itself…Where were the House managers then?”

“The House managers would have people believe there was a threat…for the president to be removed immediately…. ”

“It is absurd…not one American life was at risk due to the aid delay…how do we know that they know it? Because they went on vacation after the passed the articles of impeachment….they did not postpone… ”

“Urgency? You sat on the articles for a month. the longest delay in the history of our country.”