GOP Calls For Investigation Into Illinois Automatic Voter Registration After 4,700 16-Year-Olds Were Sent Forward


In a shocking turn of events with, the GOP is calling for an investigation into the very troubled Illinois Democrat-led automatic voter registration program after multiple errors have been discovered.

Recently, the GOP discovered the system was erroneously registering immigrants, who do not have the right to vote,  to vote.

Now, the state GOP has uncovered that 4,700 ineligible teenagers (16 years old) had to be blocked by officials after the system sent those names forward erroneously.

From The Chicago Tribune:

Illinois Senate Republicans are calling for suspending Illinois’ automatic voter registration program after further issues with the system came to light during a State Board of Elections meeting this week.

State election officials have blocked the registration of roughly 4,700 16-year-olds whose information was sent to the board by the secretary of state’s office through the automatic voter registration program, spokesman Matt Dietrich said Thursday.

The issue was raised at the board’s Wednesday meeting, where it also came to light that some U.S. citizens who were applying for licenses through the Real ID program had their information sent to the elections board despite opting out of automatic voter registration.

The revelations come as the program already is under scrutiny for a mix-up that resulted in 545 possible non-U.S. citizens being registered to vote. Of those, 15 voted in elections in November 2018 and spring 2019, including two in Chicago, officials have said. However, eight of those people voted in elections prior to the implementation of automatic voter registration.

Senate Republican leader Bill Brady of Bloomington on Thursday called for Secretary of State Jesse White’s office to suspend the program “until all glitches, known and unknown, are fixed.”

“There clearly also needs to be an independent investigation into how these glitches occurred, why they were unreported and what can be done to ensure this never happens again,” Brady said in a statement. “Our vote is our most cherished right in a democracy, and even just one illegal vote can tarnish the credibility of the entire system.”