Ilhan Omar Demands Trump Divest From His Business Interests


Ilhan Omar just made a ridiculous demand of President Trump and that way proved she is just playing cheap politics.

And that she is relatively weak who should not be anywhere near the seat of power. Trump has international businesses, the Democrats have been demanding he divest for years.

So Omar wants to drum up a conspiracy theory that Trump would put his business first and that could lead to war.


The foreign buildings are all owned by local partners, nearly all of whom are literally connected to the highest levels of the government.

Only the wealthy can afford to buy in a Trump building so do you really think Erdogan is going to let a couple of Iranian terrorists attack a Trump building?

Where his friends and people who work in his government live?

It is not realistic. And even if they did go after his properties the financial hit would be small as he gets license fees from these.

But if they hit a property here, Trump tends to own these himself, well then that would be an attack on America sorry to say Ilhan and we would hit back hard.

Ilhan said:

“Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the emoluments clause. Iran could threaten Trump hotels *worldwide* and he could provoke war over the loss of revenue from skittish guests.

His business interests should not be driving military decisions.”

In other news about Ilhan Omar and her weird marriage, her ex-husband, the one she divorced 37 days ago, has remarried raising many, many questions.

Ilhan Omar has been accused of marrying her brother to game the immigration system and while it has not been proven, her inability to explain the huge inconsistencies in her official story are troubling.

From The New York Post:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ex-husband has remarried — just 37 days after their divorce was finalized, according to a new report Monday.

Ahmed Hirsi, the father of Omar’s three children, tied the knot with nurse Ladan Ahmed in a low-key ceremony in Somalia in a bid to avoid media scrutiny, the Daily Mail reported.

Hirsi, 39, reportedly married Ahmed on Dec. 12 in a Muslim faith-based ceremony and the pair are now in Saudi Arabia on their honeymoon, according to the report.

Omar and Hirsi filed for divorce in October amid allegations she was having an affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett.