Joy Behar Gets Nasty In Feud With Trump, Publicly Outs Dems Who Voted With Trump On Key Bill


“The tragedy of our current plight is that diplomacy was succeeding before it was abandoned.

And so the need to have this war powers resolution, while thing — I agree with Abby that it was symbolic, the very need to have Republicans break ranks,” Sunny Hostin said ignoring the hard reality on the ground.

Iran was taking potshots at us and our allies for the last year either to goad Trump into blundering into war, to goad him into leaving the area as Trump has publicly stated, or they were simply testing Trump as they did Obama and Bush.


Trump, unlike the other two, made a bold choice that caught Iran unawares. But even more impressive is what came after.

Trump showed tremendous poise and leadership by de-escalating after the Iranian missile response.

No one saw it coming – Trump would take out their top guy in a precision strike, Trump would dare Iran to strike back with a warning that he would end the corrupt regime with a counter-strike, then when he had every right to bomb the heck out of Iran he stood down.

He gets no credit for it but it was an important example of speaking softly and carrying a big stick you are not afraid to use.

Contrary to what the Dems want, this strong move by Trump is really de-escalating the tensions in the region as we now have clear lines drawn.

Joy also missed the plot entirely and got nasty and targeted all the Dems who voted for Trump on the Iran war powers act.

“But there are Democrats who voted against it. I’d like to name them,” Behar said. “The Democrats who voted against this, that is — let’s see.”

Behar continued, “Here it is. Eight Democrats. Ben McAdams, Joe Cunningham, Elaine Luria, Kendra Horn, Stephanie Murphy of Florida, Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey and Max Rose surprisingly and Anthony Brindisi of New York.”

Behar then turned her attention specifically to Rose:

“Max Rose who I wanted to book today, he’s a veteran and should know better than to give all of the power of war in president’s hands,” Behar accused. “I’m talking to you, Max Rose.”