Joy Behar Gives Gift To Iran, Calls Trump A Liar Who’s Wagging Dog To Distract From Impeachment


Meghan McCain was surprised the Democrats gave Trump’s Iran strike such a negative reaction before she saying she was a fan of the move.

“I was actually really surprised to see things like World War III trending, just given the fact that Soleimani was responsible for over 600 American deaths.”

“Why do you think people are reacting the way that they are?” McCain asked.

“Do you think it’s just because there is this trust gap, if you will, between the President of the United States and the American public? For me, when a big, bad terrorist gets blown up, I’m happy about it.”

“Iran has been escalating their attacks for months and months,” she added. “I mean, they were harassing our warships, firing rockets to American troops, orchestrated a rocket strike to killed a U.S. contractor and wounded four service members and obviously stormed the U.S. embassy.”

“I made the argument to a friend of mine yesterday that I don’t think a President Marco Rubio or President Romney would have necessarily done anything different by taking out Soleimani,” she said before asking “Why do you think people are reacting this way to Trump doing this?”

Enter Joy Behar. In an arrogant display, she went on to call Trump a liar who lied thousands of times so why would anyone believe him?

She went on to accuse Trump of wagging the dog to distract from impeachment. She said it doesn’t make sense why Trump would do this, as Trump ran on ending stupid wars, so channeling Rachel Maddow, she said he must be up to no good.

She forgets that Iran has been testing our limits with small attacks on oil assets, tankers, and small American bases. They recently killed a US contractor.

Then they attacked our embassy – we had to send a message or we would have been open targets. Whether we leave the region or stay we had to ensure our security as we are still there. We now must avoid any escalations.