Judge Dooms Jussie Smollett, Orders Google To Hand Over His Records To Special Prosecutor


Jussie Smollett called in a few favors to get out from under the jam he created for himself. It worked, he got off with the biggest sweetheart deal in history.

Not only did he get off with no jail time, but he also got Chicago prosecutors to agree to a gag order denying the office the ability to speak on the settlement.

Which left Smollett as the only one able to talk the media and the lies he told and the arrogant way in which he told them pissed of the nation and most of all the Chicago cops who seriously investigated the hoax.


A special prosecutor was named and the story went dark. But now we know Smollett is in deep trouble as google knows literally everything about you.

One search, one location ping, one email, etc. – no chance he didn’t leave clues. In short, Smollett is going to jail. Not as long as Avenatti, but it won’t be a few months either.

From The Chicago Tribune:

A Cook County judge has ordered Google to turn over Jussie Smollett’s emails, photos, location data and private messages for an entire year as part of the special prosecutor’s investigation into the purported attack on the actor.

Two sweeping search warrants, obtained by the Chicago Tribune, provide the first public glimpse at the direction of the probe by special prosecutor Dan Webb more than four months into the investigation.

The warrants, filed last month in Circuit Court, sought a trove of documentation from Smollett and his manager’s Google accounts — not just emails but also drafted and deleted messages; any files in their Google Drive cloud storage services; any Google Voice texts, calls and contacts; search and web browsing history; and location data.

Investigators sought a full year’s data — from November 2018 to November 2019 — even though the key events in the controversy took place between late January and late March 2019. Authorities could be looking for any incriminating remarks from Smollett or his manager, especially in the months after State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office abruptly dismissed disorderly conduct charges against the then-“Empire” actor just weeks after his indictment. Smollett, who is African American and openly gay, has declared the dismissal a vindication of his claims that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack.