Liberal Goons Attack Hollywood Star Vince Vaughn For Talking With Trump and Melania At Big Game


The left is just simply intolerable. They really are and they don’t know it or refuse to recognize it but their intolerance and arrogance is a big turn off for the average American.

Look, most people – or most honest people and open-minded and have friends from all sides of the political spectrum.

Arguing can be fun – it can get heated but as long as you respect the other person and allow for when they make a good point civility is easy.


Now, we have seen what the left did to demonize Trump and it is sad because most of their hate comes from planted media stories that were lies.

Certain people wanted to poison America to Trump for their own agendas.

Some wanted more wars so they could make a buck. Some wanted to influence foreign policy to a new and inexperienced administration.

Some wanted clicks and ratings and others just wanted their side to return to power and wanted to hamstring Trump’s first term.

Now, you can have all those thoughts and angles working behind the scenes to get what you want – that is capitalism – but we lose the very soul of America and capitalism when we demonize people for getting along with our supposed enemies.

Take the case of Vince Vaughn. He was at the college championship game last night and spent some time talking with Trump and Melania.

Vince is a conservative who leans libertarian. He voted for Ron Paul and he is not hiding the fact. Now, if you were a famous conservative or just an average person and you had a chance to talk to the president and first lady I would hope you would take it.

It is an honor and moreover I would hope you would be civil. We respect the office more than the man in this country and that is something the left just cannot grasp.

So some reporter took a video of Vince and the Trump’s having a nice chat and the left went nuts and made a scene like a bunch of toddlers.

Thankfully, Vince has done great in his career so if they try to cancel him it won’t matter. But what message are they sending to the rest of us – be careful who you talk to? Are we living in authoritarian China? Or does a free America still exist?

This is why the left will keep losing elections – PC cancel culture is obnoxious but when they make us bow to false idols (like trans men running in women’s sports) and call us bigots for calling it absurd they lose us forever.

We cannot take someone seriously who gets so worked up over this nonsense. Vince Vaugh can talk to whoever the hell he wants, so can Trump.

And a man should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. This stuff is not hard.

From Breitbart:

The star of Wedding Crashers and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story was captured on video shaking hands and conversing  with the commander in chief in a stadium suite at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Vince Vaughn was also seen saying something to Melania Trump before shaking the hand of an unidentified man and then leaving.

A 30 second video of the encounter quickly went viral late Monday, prompting fervent social media speculation over whether Vaughn is a friend or possibly a supporter of President Trump. The video footage doesn’t feature audio of the conversation between Vaughn and the first couple.

In 2013, Vaughn told Politico in an interview that he considers himself to be a conservative.

“I do, yeah,” Vaughn told the magazine. “I’m very supportive of Ron Paul, but I’ve always been, you know, more conservative than not.”

He added: “I think that when you get older, you just get less trust in the government running anything. And that you start to realize when you really go back and look at the Constitution and the principles of liberty, the real purpose of government is to protect the individual’s right to sort of think and pursue what they have interest in.”