Mark Meadows Shows True Class, Asks USA To Pray For Jerry Nadler’s Wife After Cancer Diagnosis


Jerry Nadler will miss some of the impeachment trial in the Senate after announcing his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

Jerry and his wife Joyce have been married since 1976. Nadler just broke the news and Mark Meadows showed true class in asking America to pray for Jerry and his wife.

Mark wrote in a tweet that went viral: “Friends, please remember to pray for @RepJerryNadler and his wife.”

Politicism is politics, and believe me it is all just a game to the insiders – did you see the pictures from Jeff Bezos’s party? You can see them at the end of this article.

It was the Kushners, former and current Trump officials, Hollywood hotshots, Bill Gates and captains of industry, etc. and they were all smiling and having a grand old time forcing one to think they are just playing us for suckers or as Mike Cernovich, an astute cultural observer, commented:

“They are all friends. They are not YOUR friends. Remember this message always.”

So it is good to see Meadows drop the mask and be real for a minute.

From Politico:

Nadler’s wife has served on various government boards for New York City and New York state, and has taught at Columbia University. According to Nadler’s statement on Sunday, Miller was diagnosed in December. On Dec. 17, he missed the preparation of the articles of impeachment for what was said to be a family emergency.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on Sunday that he would miss part of the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump to be with his wife, Joyce Miller, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“On Monday, I will be in New York with her to meet with doctors, determine a path forward, and begin her treatment,” Nadler said in a statement. “I am sorry to miss some of the Senate Impeachment Trial, which is of critical importance to our democracy. I plan to return to Washington late Monday and appreciate the support of my colleagues and staff as I take this time to be with my wife and begin the long fight against her cancer.”

“She has undergone surgery and is taking further steps to address the spread of the cancer,” Nadler said on Sunday.

The Nadlers were married in December 1976.