Michael Avenatti Arrested by IRS Agents For Violating Bail Terms During CBA Hearing Completing Fall From Grace


Michael “Icarus” Avenatti was just arrested again for violating the terms of his release (bail).

Make no mistake Avenatto will spend the rest of his life in jail as soon as the jury verdicts come in.

He looted Stormy Daniels and multiple other clients out of millions. For a lawyer, this is as bad as it gets. In fact, he was arrested at a hearing to disbar him.


He also tried to extort Nike, again a crime with a hefty jail sentence attached if he is found guilty.

He will get no sympathy from a judge or jury when they hear he looted millions from a disabled client.

But worse than even the 50 years he is looking at for those crimes – he never paid taxes on the millions he or his business raked in.

In 2009 and 2010 he filed tax returns saying he made over $1 million a year but paid no taxes.

After 2010 he simply stopped filing tax returns or paying. Then he literally stole from the IRS when he directed all payroll taxes from Tully Coffee (a chain he owned and ran into the ground) to go to his pocket not the IRS.

So if he somehow gets light sentences for his other crimes – too much evidence public to believe he will get not guilty – which could happen, he will then have to deal with the IRS.

You don’t mess with the IRS and certainly not in the public and certainly not basically giving them the middle finger like Avenatti did multiple times.

No, this guy will spend the rest of his life locked up and he will still be the best candidate the Dems such os their historically weak field.

From Fox News:

Attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents Tuesday evening during a break in a disciplinary hearing in Los Angeles over allegations that the high-profile lawyer scammed a client out of $840,000.

The arrest occurred around 6 p.m. outside the State Bar Court, where the State Bar of California has initiated proceedings against him.

“I can confirm that he was arrested by federal agents,” Avenatti’s lawyer Dean Steward said. “I anticipate a bail hearing at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Magistrate’s Court in Santa Ana. I haven’t seen the details of the warrant, but should have it later this evening.“

From The Daily Beast

Ex-Stormy Daniels lawyer and Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti was led out of the State Bar Court in Los Angeles by federal agents on Tuesday evening. 

The arrest occurred outside the disciplinary hearing in which the State Bar of California has accused the hard-charging, tough-talking attorney of using a doctored document to scam a client out of nearly $840,000, funneling money from a lawsuit settlement fund to his own personal use.

The State Bar of California, the official attorney licensing agency, has sought to put Avenatti on “involuntary inactive status,” setting in motion a timeline for disbarment proceedings.

During a break in testimony, members of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, who are prosecuting Avenatti in a separate criminal matter in Orange County, parleyed with Avenatti’s team of lawyers and took the lawyer into custody.

“I understand that Mr. Avenatti has been arrested by the federal authorities for violating the terms of his release,” said attorney Steven Bledsoe, who represents the alleged Avenatti victim in the State Bar case and was present when the arrest occurred.