Nancy Pelosi Names 7 Dems To Prosecute Trump In Senate, Basically Concedes Defeat By Picking Nadler


“There can be no full & fair trial in the Senate if Leader McConnell blocks the Senate from hearing witnesses and obtaining documents President Trump is covering up,” Pelosi tweeted before her big announcement.

“The President has fought tooth-and-nail to keep thousands of documents away from the public,” she whined almost admitting defeat.

“And no wonder — each time new pieces come out, they show President Trump right at the center of the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.”


But the truth is Nancy Pelosi has little power left, in fact, her last bit of leverage was picking her team to prosecute Trump in the Senate.

Today she finally named her team and what a bunch of duds. Jerry Nadler? The guy could barely stay awake during the impeachment hearings.

Adam Schiff? The guy is so boring no one will watch if he is on the screen. Trump will be found not guilty. That is for sure.

So this is all a political show – Trump understands this and the Dems by picking Jerry Nadler prove again they have no idea how to play the new game.

Politics like everything else in life has changed – Trump can own four news stories in a day before Biden even gets off one tweet because he still must get everything vetted, scripted, focus-grouped.

Scripted politicians are a thing of the past, Trump proved that – authentic politicians who are not afraid to be brutally honest are the future because the voters are tired of being lied to.

From NBC:

The managers are: Reps. Adam Schiff of California, Jerry Nadler of New York, Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Jason Crow of Colorado, Zoe Lofgren of California, Val Demings of Florida, and Sylvia Garcia of Texas.

The managers have varied biographies: Schiff was a federal prosecutor, Demings was a police chief, several were litigators in private practice, and Lofgren was a staffer on the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment and a House member during the Clinton impeachment.

The trial is set to begin on Tuesday; it’s not yet clear if witnesses will be called.