Rashida Tlaib Sides With Iran, Slams “Lawless” Trump For Keeping America Safe From Iranian Attacks


Rashida Tlaib just ripped President Trump for going on the offensive and keeping America safe from Iranian aggression.

It is as if Tlaib has been asleep for the last few days. Iran went after us and our embassy and that was just one in a long line of stacks against our interests abroad.

We cannot allow this aggression to stand or there will be no end to it. Look, Trump did not get us into this mess, but he sure as hell will keep us safe and get us out of this mess.

He inherited a debacle and the Democrats stood by and did little but talk. Where did that get us? Right where we are now. So Trump has to do what should have been done a long time ago.

Rally round the flag Tlaib or resign.

Rashida tweeted out:

“We cannot stay silent as this lawless President recklessly moves us closer to yet another unnecessary war that puts innocent lives at risk at home & across the globe.

Congress alone has the authority to declare war, & we must reclaim our responsibility & say no to war with Iran.”