Sarah Sanders Accuses Nancy Pelosi of ‘Malpractice,’ Calls Impeachment ‘Dumbest Political Move In Long Time’


Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit back at Nancy Pelosi over the botched impeachment the Democrats insisted on rushing through Congress.

Sarah held nothing back either and accused Pelosi of malpractice before calling this blunder one of the dumbest political moves in a long time.

“The economy is booming. America is doing better under this president and, I think, finishing the trial is a great lead-in to next week where the president will stand in front of Nancy Pelosi fully vindicated when he gives the State of the Union,” said Sarah Sanders today on Fox News.

There is still some fluidity on when the acquittal vote will come – it could come today, it could come later.

Trump and his team are hoping for a Tuesday vote at the latest so it comes before the State of the Union.

Regardless, he will be acquitted in short order which left Sarah wondering after Nancy Pelosi’s political smarts.

“I’ll never begin to understand much of what Nancy Pelosi does and this one is certainly mind-blowing for everyone.

They forced impeachment down everyone throats — said it was an emergency — ‘we had to do it right now’ — ‘this had to take place today’ and then they sat on it for nearly a month,” Sanders added.

“It is absolutely ridiculous and malpractice and I think it will go down as one of the dumbest political moves that we’ve seen in a long time.”