Schiff Says Trump Can’t Be Vindicated Without Witnesses, Trump’s Lawyers Remind Adam He Already Called 17


Adam Schiff threw a temper tantrum today and said Trump will never be vindicated by his certain and probably bipartisan acquittal because the “constitution requires a fair trial.”

“And the fact that they must resort to this level of desperation is the result of the fact that the House managers proved the defendant scheme involved withholding military aid, withholding of a coveted White House meeting with a president of Ukraine in order to coerce, to extort, to blackmail that country into conducting or announcing the sham investigations, to helping him cheat in the election,” Schiff said.

“It is the normalization of lawlessness, but that is what it had to resort to as the evidence has continued to pile up of the president’s guilt,” he said.

“We will continue today to make the case, a case that has already been made to the American people but needs to be made to the Senate, and that is a fair trial requires witnesses, fair trial, and impartial oath requires witnesses,” Schiff continued.

“And that’s what they should deliver for the American people. No trial, no vindication. No vindication for the president or anyone else. The Constitution requires a fair trial, and that’s all we are asking.”

Enter Jay Sekulow and Patrick Philbin:

“Democrats may not like that we’ve been able to respond to their 17 witnesses this time around… but the fact remains, they’ve called 17 of them,” said Jay Sekulow.

“If this were a criminal trial in ordinary court & Mr. Schiff had done what he just did…& start talking about crimes of bribery & extortion that were not in the indictment, it would’ve been an automatic mistrial,” White House Deputy Counsel Patrick Philbin said.

“You don’t show up at a trial and then start calling witnesses for the first time.” But… you do.

“In real litigation, no one goes to trial without having heard from the witnesses first. You don’t show up at trial and then start trying to call witnesses for the first time.”