Ted Cruz Embarrasses Chuck Schumer After Dems Stunt Backfires And Lev Parnas Denied Entry Because of Electronic Ankle Bracelet


Ted Cruz embarrassed Chuck Schumer after the Dems cheap stunt backfired and Lev Parnas was denied entry because his electronic ankle bracelet he has to wear because he is on bail for a bunch of felonies.

Ted said, “Scenes from the impeachment trial: Schumer invited Lev Parnas to be his personal guest today at the trial. Minutes ago, Parnas was ejected from the gallery…because he’s wearing an ankle bracelet mandated bc he’s a criminal defendant accused of serious felonies! #CantMakeItUp

Lindsey Graham ripped the stunt as well:

“The best way to sum up this whole debacle is to understand that Senator Schumer’s desire for Lev Parnas to attend the Senate trial apparently cannot be accommodated because Mr. Parnas has an electronic ankle bracelet imposed upon him by the court. You can’t make this up.”

From NBC:

Parnas was spotted, along with his attorney Joseph Bondy, picking up his tickets for entry to the trial at the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. Parnas and Bondy later said they would have to return the tickets to Schumer’s office.

Before he made his way to the Senate chamber, Parnas told reporters that if he were ever allowed to testify in the trial, he’s not sure it would change the minds of Republican senators, because they live in the “cult” of “Trump world.”

“Trump world is like a cult, and a lot of these senators are in the cult, so I don’t know if anything could change some of their minds,” Parnas said, responding to questions about whether his possible testimony could change the minds of enough senators to convict Trump.

“But hopefully the public will know what’s going on, and hopefully maybe some of them, you know, if we get witnesses, and they really hear the truth, maybe the conscience will overwhelm them,” Parnas added.

Parnas reiterated that he wanted to testify under oath at Trump’s trial — and that he also would like to see Trump, and other key cabinet members, testify.