Tom Fitton Demands Special Counsel Investigate Hillary Clinton After DOJ Refuses To Charge Her After Investigation


Tom Fitton and the folks at Judicial Watch are not happy with the DOJ for bringing no charges against Hillary Clinton or anyone associated with the Clinton Foundation after a multi-year investigation.

Fitton and his colleague Chris Farrell are furious and are demanding Trump appoint a special counsel because they uncovered tons of malfeasance in their limited investigations into Hillary and the foundation.

If they could uncover all this imagine what the feds must have which is why Fitton is calling it a cover-up and he is not wrong either.

Chris Farrell wrote:

“The investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Huber into cases of possible corruption regarding the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State “has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing,” as gleefully reported by The Washington Post. The tone of the article was classic Bezos-era journalism, saying the inquiry was only launched to “mollify conservatives” who were “clamoring for more investigations” in addition to a “meandering probe into the Clinton Foundation” in Arkansas. The Post’s anonymous-as-usual sources said, “they never expected the effort to produce much of anything.”

Well, of course not. We at Judicial Watch were skeptical that Huber would turn up anything either. Huber was appointed by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who did so on the recommendations of his career professional staff. You know who they are: the Sally Yates-Bruce Ohr clone army subversively staffing Justice Department headquarters.

To paraphrase my colleague Tom Fitton, you shouldn’t be surprised to have a non-finding from a non-investigation. Recall that Huber skipped a critical congressional hearing on the Clinton Foundation in December 2018, and his investigators kept “losing” thousands of pages of evidence handed over by whistleblowers who did testify (and whose names we know, incidentally). It has long been clear that the Huber effort was a charade.

Besides, the Huber “investigation” was not going to lead to indictments in any case because that was not its mandate. Huber was simply surveying a wide array of issues to see if further investigation was merited.

Judicial Watch meanwhile has been investigating Clinton corruption for many years. We have documented that Hillary Clinton repeatedly broke the law and lied to investigators and the American people. Our persistent efforts have forced the government to admit that it recovered at least 5,000 of the 33,000 emails Clinton admitted she deleted. The FBI and Justice Department have done everything they can to keep this information from seeing the light of day, slow-rolling their release and redacting large sections of the records they do hand over, usually when compelled by court order…

Judicial Watch also uncovered evidence that foreign governments and individuals were working through the Clinton Foundation to get special favors. It seems like a cruel joke the Clinton’s were playing when they called one of their shell companies the “Acceso Worldwide Fund” since they were basically selling worldwide access. And Judicial Watch also found evidence that Russia had hacked Hillary’s nonsecure email system, but the Justice Department has been loath to acknowledge this because to admit it would only prove how damaging her illicit server was to U.S. national security…

President Trump should appoint a special counsel outside of the FBI and Justice Department, since these agencies have proven they are utterly corrupt and incapable of policing themselves. In fact, they have been working with Clinton’s legal team to try to shut down our investigations. Judicial Watch’s investigations and litigation are the only things producing results. President Trump should order the immediate release of all government records pertaining to these matters to stop the FBI’s slow-rolling obstruction effort, and let the American people finally know the whole truth.”