Val Demings Chokes On Key Question, Can’t Show How Harm was Done to Ukraine By Aid Hold


Val Demings just choked and handed President Trump a huge win in the charade that is this impeachment trial.

The votes are in and we know Trump will be acquitted so why they are dragging us through this nonsense is beyond anyone.

But here we are and the Dem Rep from Florida Val Demings representing the House was asked a very simple question about what harm was done to Ukraine by the slight hold on foreign aid.

She stammered and hemmed and flubbed it – total choke and she then she made it worse and threw Obama under the bus and in that way proved Trump’s point.

“Holding the aid for no legitimate reason sent a strong message that we would not want to send to Russia. That the relationship between the United States and Ukraine was on shaky ground. It actually undercut Ukraine’s ability to negotiate with Russia.”

“We promised Ukraine in 2014 that if they gave up their nuclear arsenal, we would be there for them. That we would defend them that we would fight along beside them. 15,000 Ukrainians have died.”

Those people died on Obama’s watch and just an FYI Trump is the one that gave Ukraine the lethal aid Barack Obama denied them.