Adam Schiff Launches Doomed Effort To Reign In Trump’s Power


Adam Schiff better not get sick of losing because the legislative attempt he is launching to reign in Trump’s power is doomed to fail.

The truth is Congress has given up their power to the Executive Branch over the years and the genie will not go back in the bottle.

The argument for Congress ceding their power was Congress was too dysfunctional to react fast enough to the modern challenges.

That may be correct, it may be wrong. But what is not in dispute is that the party in power – that controls the presidency – will never agree to give up that power.

It just will not happen and believe me, the next Dem president will have the GOP in Congress puling the same stunt as Schiff is now.

But they will be blocked by other Dems – there will never be enough votes to override a presidential veto to limit power. In short, Schiff will get humiliated again.

“The president’s vengeance against civil servants is disturbing enough, but it occurred alongside an even greater danger that has come into sharper focus this week: the politicization and potential weaponization of the Department of Justice,” Schiff wrote.

“These interventions by Barr to benefit the president have profound implications for the rule of law and our democracy,” Schiff said.

“With a willing attorney general and compliant congressional Republicans, Trump is attempting to utilize the instruments of justice for his political benefit, something that would give him immense power to punish and harass his political opponents and protect his friends.”

“Congress should enact legislation to expedite judicial review of congressional subpoenas,” Schiff writes, wryly things that’s “an idea House Republicans favored unanimously under President Obama.”

And that is where Schiff loses.

“There is also a clear need to legislate a stronger firewall between the Department of Justice and the White House, one secured by more than regulations or norms,” Schiff writes. “More will be required to prevent an unethical president from initiating or interfering in cases that involve the president’s enemies, allies or family members,” Schiff added.