AOC Attacks Mike Pence, Accuses Him of Killing People With Bad Decisions As Indiana Governor


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crossed the line from political to hysterical with a new scandalous attack on Vice-President Mike Pence.

Pence was named by President Trump yesterday to spearhead the administration’s response to the coronavirus.

The virus is serious and we should expect some level of an outbreak here – where and for how long remains to be seen.

We have professionals handling it and Pence, because of his past experience as chief executive during a MERS outbreak in 2014, was tapped to oversee the efforts and to make sure the professionals are communicating properly.

The last thing we need is bureaucracy mucking this up. But AOC instead of applauding Trump’s moves took a cheap shot at Pence and accused him of “not believing in science” whose past ‘decisions already cost people their lives.’

She is talking about a needle exchange program Pence was not in favor of (not a surprise) that some say helped contribute to an HIV outbreak in Indiana. It is a nonsense charge lobbed by a desperate party who knows Bernie will lose in a landslide in 2020.

From The Hill:

“Mike Pence literally does not believe in science,” she tweeted on Wednesday night. “It is utterly irresponsible to put him in charge of US coronavirus response as the world sits on the cusp of a pandemic. This decision could cost people their lives. Pence’s past decisions already have.”

She also took aim at Pence’s handling of an HIV outbreak in Indiana during his time as governor of the state in another tweet, saying: “As governor, Pence’s science denial contributed to one of the worst HIV outbreaks in Indiana’s history.”

“He is not a medical doctor. He is not a health expert. He is not qualified nor positioned in any way to protect our public health,” she continued.

According to The Washington Post, one of the most severe HIV outbreaks to ever occur in Indiana happened in 2015, during Pence’s time as a governor. At the time, he was reportedly met with criticism for his handling of the spread.

A number of Democratic lawmakers made similar comments knocking Trump’s decision to name Pence the head of the government’s coronavirus response on Twitter.