Bill Barr Investigating Whether John Brennan And Obama Officials Hid, Manipulated Info On Russia Hack


Bill Barr is getting close to the truth and the left is starting to panic. You can smell the fear in the swamp as Bill Barr and his special prosecutor John Durham will decide very soon who will get indicted over the botched Russia investigation.

According to multiple reports, the guy likely to get arrested is former CIA Director John Brennan.

Brennan smug appearances on MSNBC where he defended the indefensible may come back to haunt him. Look, Durham investigated the CIA and the swamp before – after the Bush torture scandal broke – so he has bipartisan support and if he finds out Brennan was shady like the FBI lawyer lying on the FISA punishment must follow as we cannot have an out of control bureaucracy overruling the will of the people.


From CNN:

The Times reported that John Durham, the US attorney tapped by Attorney General William Barr to look into the investigators, is questioning past disputes between different US intelligence agencies’ analysts over sharing highly sensitive information regarding Russia’s scheme to meddle in the 2016 US election.

Durham and his team of investigators have looked at emails and interviewed a small group of intelligence analysts from several US agencies, including the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency about the motives behind those disputes, in which some wanted access to information from other agencies but were initially blocked from viewing it, according to the Times.

A spokesman for Durham, the CIA and the NSA all declined to comment to the Times. The Justice Department declined to give the Times details about Durham’s work.

FBI and NSA officials have told Durham and his team that their interpretation is incorrect and that it does not reflect how the US intelligence community functions, according to the Times.

Durham has zeroed in on a confrontation between the CIA and NSA over the identity of a CIA informant who had been inside the Russian government, the Times reported.

NSA analysts had wanted to know more about the informant to weigh the credibility of the source’s information, according to the Times. The CIA was hesitant at first to share details about the Russian covert source, but eventually came around, the Times reported. According to the newspaper, it’s unclear whether Durham has interviewed the informant, who was extracted from Russia to the US in 2017.

Durham is also questioning a dispute over a data set, the Times reported. A source told the Times the disagreement was over whether NSA analysts could view the CIA’s raw data or whether the CIA needed to filter the sensitive information before sharing it.

The Times also reported that the FBI wanted access to unclassified emails of American officials that the Russian government had previously hacked, which a foreign ally had obtained a copy of and provided to the US.