Dems Commit Political Suicide, Introduce Bill to Add Third Gender Option on US Passports


The Democrats are bad at politics. That much is abundantly clear from watching the primary debacle unfold to a horror-stricken America.

Faced with mounting controversy do they arrest the fall or double down on nonsense that America or the vast majority of voters find distasteful?

If you are a Democrat you double down on stupid and in that way commit political suicide.

Like Rep Ro Khanna just did by introducing a bill to add a third gender option to US passports. Why? How can this help them win? It won’t, it will sink the party if it gains traction.

From The Hill:

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) on Tuesday introduced legislation that would add a third gender designation to U.S. passport applications.

The bill instructs the State Department to “require the inclusion of a gender neutral designation in a passport, passport card, or Consular Report of Birth Abroad, and for other purposes.”

The current U.S. passport application only has male and female gender options, forcing those with non-binary gender identities to choose one of the two, typically their gender assigned at birth.

“Respecting every American’s gender must extend to travel abroad,” Khanna said in a press statement. “The freedom to move and express yourself no matter what should be guaranteed in this country … Everyone in this country should have the freedom to express their preferred gender on passports.”

In the past, passport applications have been denied if applicants marked an “X” instead of choosing a male or female gender distinction. In 2018, a judge ruled in favor of Dana Zzyym in a lawsuit filed against the State Department after their passport application was denied for refusing to choose between a male or female gender distinction.

However, the State Department continues to file appeals, dragging the case that was first filed in 2015.