Don Trump Jr Puts Dems On Notice: “Immigration to America is Down, Wages Are Up”


Don Trump Jr. just went viral after making a strong argument for four more years: “Immigration to America is down, wages are up.”

He linked to an article with the same title and added: “Amazing how that works,” before thanking his father.

Simple solutions are oftentimes the best solutions. This is great news for Trump and he will certainly be using it in the political battles ahead.

“In both 2018 and 2019 nominal wages rose by more than 3%, the fastest growth since before the recession a decade ago,” according to The Economist.

“Americans at the bottom of the labour market are doing especially well.”

“In the past year, the wages of those without a high-school diploma have risen by nearly 10%.”

The article continues, “Intriguingly, this has come as America has turned considerably less friendly to immigrants, who are assumed by many to steal jobs from natives and lower the wages of less-educated folk.”

“The two phenomena may be connected—but only for a while.”

“For the first time in half a century America’s immigrant population appears to be in sustained decline, both in absolute terms and as a share of the total.”

“Net migration to America (ie, the difference between people arriving and people leaving the country) fell to 595,000 in 2019, the lowest in over a decade.”

There is still work to do as Congress is right now trying to move through visa programs so they can pay off their donors with cheap labor.