Florida Democrats Sue to Keep Bernie Sanders Off Primary Ballot in Doomed Effort To Save Pelosi’s Job


The Democrats are in a full panic over the inevitable Bernie Sanders campaign and it is too late to stop him.

A new internal poll shows Bernie hurting swing district Democrats in such a way that it is all but certain Bernie will send Pelosi running from the Speaker’s chair.

So the Dems are doing what they must to preserve their fragile house majority – two Florida Democrats are suing to block Bernie Sanders from the state’s March 17 presidential primary.

They say he is not a Democrat but an independent and should not be allowed on the ballot. Too late.

From Politico:

In a lawsuit filed Monday in circuit court in Leon County, the plaintiffs ask that Sanders be disqualified from the Democratic primary because he’s a declared independent.

The complaint also seeks to prevent state election officials from counting any votes Sanders has already received. More than 244,000 Democrats have already voted by mail in Florida.

Karen Gievers, a former circuit court judge representing Frank Bach and George Brown, both Tallahassee Democrats, said Sanders should not be allowed on the Democratic ballot.

Sanders caucuses with Democrats in the Senate but lists himself as an independent and has raised money in his Senate campaign account as an independent, according to the lawsuit.

“Florida is a closed primary state, yet here we have someone who is an independent on the Democratic ballot,” said Gievers. “You can’t be an independent and be a member of the party.”

Gievers described Bach and Brown as military veterans and registered Democrats.

Florida law gives political parties leeway to decide which candidates can appear on a party’s primary ballot, and the Florida Democratic Party last year chose to include major candidates with national attention and national reach.