Harvey Weinstein Rushed To Hospital With Chest Pains In Desperate Attempt To Avoid His Fate


Harvey Weinstein‘s reign of terror is officially over and the Clintons and the Obamas ought to be ashamed of themselves.

The Obamas actually had one of their daughters work for Harvey during her gap year before college as an intern at his production company.

Everyone heard the stories so they had no excuse for their horrific behavior when they coddled Weinstein.

Harvey knows he will never see the free world again and in a doomed effort to avoid his fate, he complained of chest pains after his guilty verdict and was rushed to the hospital on his way to Rikers Island.

Just like his fake walker in court, no one is buying this stunt.

From NBC:

Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein was rerouted to a New York City hospital Monday night as authorities transported him to the jail on Rikers Island.

Weinstein was at Bellevue Hospital under observation for high blood pressure and heart palpitations, his lawyer Donna Rotunno said. It wasn’t clear whether he would stay overnight or go on to the infirmary at Rikers Island.

The city Department of Correction had no comment other than to say Weinstein was remanded and transferred into custody.

Weinstein, 67, was found guilty earlier Monday of third-degree rape of Jessica Mann, a former aspiring actress, as well as a count of criminal sexual act in the first degree against Mimi Haley, a former “Project Runway” production assistant.

From The Daily Wire:

Weinstein faces between 5 and 25 years in prison for his crimes and is due to be sentenced on March 11. He will spend the intermediate time in jail — a significant change for the multi-millionaire who served even his time in “rehab” at a posh facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he was allowed out to dine with friends at restaurants.

His attorneys were reportedly shocked that the judge remanded Weinstein, who had been out on $2 million bond prior to Monday’s verdict, straight to prison. “His attorney, Donna Rotunno, urged the judge to allow [Weinstein] to remain free, saying that he recently had unsuccessful back surgery and requires shots in order to keep from going blind. Weinstein appeared in court most days with a walker, which his attorneys said was a result of his lingering back issues,” per Variety.

Upon hearing that he had been convicted on two of the charges, Weinstein made clear that that outcome was unexpected, shouting about the unfairness of the situation.

“The words he said over and over again to me is, ‘I’m innocent, I’m innocent, I’m innocent. How could this happen in America?” his attorney said in a press conference following the announcement. He added that the “fallen mogul was stunned by the guilty verdict,” according to Variety magazine.