Hillary Clinton’s Back With New Media Venture, Will Backfire And Help Trump Win Again


Hillary Clinton is still bitter and she clearly wants revenge. And not just for President Trump, she wants to sink Bernie sanders but as with most things she does it will backfire and help him win the primary.

Hillary was and is the perfect foil – she literally is the swamp and trashing Bernie will only help him.

She is launching a new audio program before summer just in time to muck up the Dem primary and help Trump in the general – look people do not like her, she will probably taint Biden with the “establishment” label he has so far avoided.

Based on the discussed format it may be a podcast but based on who is producing it could be on radio too.

From Politico:

The yet-to-be-titled show will be co-produced by audio giant iHeartMedia, which produces original content such as Will Ferrell’s “The Ron Burgundy Podcast,” and, through iHeartRadio, is also a major distributor for the biggest names in conservative talk radio. They include a who’s who of right-wing commentators who have pilloried Clinton and her family over the years: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, and Sean Hannity. The Joe Rogan Experience, whose host recently endorsed Bernie Sanders, is one of iHeartRadio’s most popular shows.

But it was Clinton’s recent experience with two other famous interviewers that influenced the kind of show she wanted to create. Last fall, Clinton and her daughter Chelsea recorded an episode of Conan O’Brien’s audio show, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.” They were promoting The Book of Gutsy Women, their co-authored collection of stories about women who have inspired them.

Clinton was struck by how different the hourlong conversation with O’Brien was compared with short promotional segments on TV and radio. She had already begun discussions with iHeartMedia, which also distributes O’Brien’s show, and she started to think about how the format might allow her to record deeper conversations with newsmakers that listeners could enjoy well after they aired.

“Conan just exudes enthusiasm about this platform and he does these interviews that are really evergreen and the idea with her, in part inspired by that experience, is to do the same thing,” said a person close to Clinton. “She wants to try to have a wider-ranging conversation that will be lasting, so you can listen to it in a year or you can listen to it tomorrow and it will be interesting. And then of course she’ll do some ranting and raving about news of the day.”

The other radio personality who influenced the format and style of the new Hillary Clinton show was even more unusual: Howard Stern…

…Clinton enjoyed the relaxed environment that Stern creates at his studio, which isn’t too brightly lit and where guests sit amid throw pillows on a couch that looks like it was from Stern’s college dorm room. “It was an incredible experience,” said the person close to Clinton. “We’ve been thinking through based on that experience how to create a similar format.”

There is some irony that Clinton has gravitated to doing a podcast. As Stern repeatedly shows, what makes for a great interview is when a subject opens up and offers windows into character, motivation, relationships — the very things that Clinton the candidate was often unwilling to do. Her guardedness led critics to regard her as “inauthentic,” which arguably harmed her two presidential campaigns.