Jay Sekulow Wins Day By Showing Video Of Dems Calling For Trump’s Impeachment Before Ukraine Case


Jay Sekulow ripped into the Democrats and hit Pelosi and Schiff right where it hurts, “this was the first totally partisan presidential impeachment, it should be our last.”

“You took an oath. They questioned that oath,” Jay Sekulow, President Trump’s lawyer told senators of Adam Schiff and the House managers.

“I simply ask that this body stand firm today.”

But Jay was just getting started and then said, “The Democrat push to impeach the president started the day he took office,” as he played a devastating video proving his point.

The video played the words of Maxine waters and others calling for Trump’s impeachment almost on day 1.

Even MSNBC’s legal analyst Ari Melber agreed that the video and comments from the Democrats about impeaching Trump before the ink was dry on his oath of office.

Ari said: “Jay Sekulow deploys a compelling exhibit in his closing argument:

Video evidence of House Dems backing impeachment *before* Ukraine plot was exposed

This goes to the (political & legal) accusation that the House was out to get him apart from the facts it found in its probe.”

He added later a shit at Schiff: “House Democrats might have rebutted this by *including* the other earlier alleged grounds for impeachment in this case — like arguing ‘yes we were right then and this impeachment *is* also about that earlier obstruction’ etc., but they went for the ‘narrow’ case.”