Lindsey Graham Ask Bill Barr To Send Obama Holdover At DOJ To Senate To Testify About FISA Abuse


Lindsey Graham is not giving up and is on the hunt for justice. He just threw down the gauntlet with Bill Barr and is asking the Attorney General to make high ranking Obama-era officials available for questioning.

Specifically, Graham wants to talk to DOJ official Gabriel Sanz-Rexach about what he knows about the scandalous FISA abuses.

Sanz-Rexach is an Obama-holdover and he has a key role as the chief of the Office of Intelligence’s Operations Section.

He was rumored to be the Justice Department’s “gatekeeper” when the FBI and DOJ obtained the illegal warrant to spy Trump campaign officials.

Paul Sperry reports: “Senate Judiciary Chair Graham has asked AG Barr to make senior DOJ official Gabriel Sanz-Rexach, an Obama holdover, available to testify before committee investigators about FISA abuses. Sanz-Rexach was the FISA gatekeeper at DOJ when illegal FISA approved on Trump aide.”

From Real Clear Politics:

MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: And the time has arrived that many of our viewers have been waiting for.

Senator Lindsey Graham is starting his investigation this upcoming week into FISA abuse and the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion story.

We are also just six days away from the next primary in his state.

Joining me right now is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. He is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And, Mr. Chairman, it is always a pleasure to see you. Thanks for being here.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): Thanks for having me.

BARTIROMO: So, I know that the president is on his way to India this morning. You had a chance to speak with him…


BARTIROMO: … before the president took off. Can you tell us a little about the nature of that phone call?

GRAHAM: Yes, he’s in a very good mood. He was out West.

I was with him a couple of days. And we talked about the election. I really believe he’s going to get reelected based on results. It doesn’t matter who runs against him. As long as the economy stays strong, like it is, and our military stays strong, we’re safe, secure and prosperous, I very much believe it’s his election to lose.

And if it’s Bernie, I think House Republicans are going to be the biggest winner of a Bernie candidacy, along with House — excuse me — Senate Republicans.

I think the down-ballot effect with Bernie being the nominee of the Democratic Party will be pretty severe for the Democrats.