Matt Gaetz Declares War On Corruption: “American people my only special interests, honest capitalism’s under attack every day.”


“We conservatives hold tight to our principles by remembering our people.  We are the United States of America, first, always and forever,” Matt Gaetz said as he declared war on special interests in the swamp.

Matt went on to promise to never take a dime from PAC’s and to put America first. He continued:

“I will never again accept a donation from a Federal Political Action Committee…the American people are my one and only special interests. Honest capitalism, what we cherish, is under attack every day.

Conservatives do not fear the political correctness police or cave to the cancel culture. We take up challenges as they are before us – and we meet them head-on. Promises made; promises kept.

Irrespective of which party is in power, the winner in Congress is often the special interest that shuttles the most money to political campaigns.

In congress, “compromise legislation” and “stakeholder consensus” are often code for special interests teaming up to screw Americans

No corporate interest should be powerful enough to export America’s bravest patriots to senseless, unfocused forever wars or import illegal cheap foreign labor to undermine our economy here at home.

Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. We hear a lot about fortune in Washington DC – it’s hard to find honor and sacredness.

The American People are my only special interest. James Madison wrote that in America, the highest position in society would not be President or Senator or Congressman, but Citizen.

Step up. Assume your rightful place as the captains of our Democracy. America is not just an idea – it is our home. And America is not for sale.

America First means standing up to foreign interests abroad and special interests at home.

The American People must engage and drive the future and fate of our great nation.

Go beyond the hype of the moment and fight to defeat the swamp monsters that auction off your freedoms and seek to rob you of your liberty.

Our independence from special interests is our loyalty to America and the America First movement that

@realDonaldTrump began when he came down that escalator. This movement will carry our nation to greatness in the 21st century.As @POTUS reminds us, the best is yet to come.”