Matt Gaetz Goes On The View, Shuts Down Joy Behar: “Venezuela wing of the Democratic Party”


Matt Gaetz went on The View today and silenced Joy Behar and the other ladies of the daytime talk show in a few explosive exchanges.

Gaetz went after Joy straight away mocking the hapless Dems and the debacle of a debate last night.

“I was just wondering if you were wearing black as a consequence of, like, the death of the political left in the debate last night,” he said.

Behar shot back telling him not to “count the dead yet.”

Behar predicted Biden would win the Dem nomination. Gaetz scoffed at that dream with: “What states is he going to win?”

“So, now you have socialist Bernie Sanders against billionaire Michael Bloomberg,” Matt said.

“They’re either going to nominate a socialist or someone who some time ago was a Republican,” he added to devastating effect.

Gaetz was not done and then mocked the left calling them the “Venezuela wing of the Democratic Party.”

“Oh, c’mon, the Venezuela wing” Behar croaked oblivious to how bad she looked.

Joy Behar then made the stunning claim that Germany saw Richard Grenell (Trump’s German Ambassador and new DNI head) as “thin-skinned.”

Gaetz promptly shit down Joy Behar: “Well, this is ‘The View,’ aren’t we all?”