Mike Bloomberg Slips Up, Seems To Admit He Bought Speakership For Nancy Pelosi


Mike Bloomberg spent hundreds of millions helping Nancy Pelosi win back the House and the major media outlets barely covered the story.

He spent lavishly on moderate Dems in swing districts and has been repaid by endorsements from those same key swing candidates.

One could say he bought the Speakership for Nancy Pelosi and last night Bloomberg seemed to slip up and admit that to the nation.

From The New York Daily News:

In what appeared to be a telling slip of the tongue, the billionaire ex-mayor appeared to start to say he “bought” the Congress that impeached President Trump with $100 million in campaign support to victorious Democratic candidates.

“I bo—,” Bloomberg said before catching himself. “I got them in.”

Bloomberg’s verbal misstep slipped by unnoticed in real-time among his rivals on stage at the scrappy debate in South Carolina.

But Donald Trump Jr. jumped on it immediately.

 “Wow!!! He’s admitting he BOUGHT those seats!” the president’s son tweeted as he live-tweeted the debate.

Bloomberg’s campaign suggested that the billionaire was really starting to say “back” not “bought.” But it defended his vast war chest as an invaluable weapon.

“The point remains, what was the outcome? Mike spent a lot of money getting behind Democrats … to help turn the house blue,” Tim O’Brien, a senior Bloomberg aide told CNN.

Bloomberg has already spent $400 million on ads seeking to win the Democratic nomination and has vowed to spend $1 billion or more to oust Trump.