Mitt Romney Admits USA Voters Don’t Like Him, Whines Trump Will Be Re-Elected


Mitt Romney went to Europe and continued his shameful behavior ripping Trump as not popular before admitting Trump would win re-election.

But it was what Romney admitted about himself that turned heads – he said not many Americans agree with him these days and that is an understatement:

“I’m perhaps a throwback, Romney said. “I jokingly say I have about 2% of the population that’s with me, and that’s an overstatement.”

From Deseret:

“I can’t possibly predict what the future is in my party. I did not predict that President Trump would become President Trump,” Romney said.

“I can tell you I think it’s likely he will get reelected, not because he’s highly popular, but because I think the Democrats are not going to nominate someone who’ll be a very effective competitor.”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has emerged as the Democratic front-runner.

Romney attended the conference in Germany about 10 days after becoming the first Republican senator in history to vote to remove his own party’s president.

In introducing Romney at the panel discussion, moderator Mohamed A. El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at Allianz, called him “probably the most courageous lawmaker we have in the United States,” which drew applause from the crowd.

During the discussion titled, “Heavy Duties? Prospects of Global Trade,” Romney said the GOP would “follow only inches behind” what Trump says on trade. The president has a hold on Republican voters and that he has an approval rating of “something like 95%” among GOP voters isn’t lost on Congress and senators, he said.

“They know that if they come out against the president in some way, in some significant way, that they’re likely to be facing a primary by someone else that’s more attuned to the president’s thinking, and they’ll lose,” Romney said. “So my party will follow the president in this regard, and predicting what the president’s going to do is not something I’ve been able to do so far.”

Trump, he said, has his own point of view, citing his and the president’s disagreement over tariffs, which Romney calls “a tax on our people.”

Romney said he can’t predict what the Democrats will do either, because if Sanders is elected, he would bring a whole different approach.

“Right now, the nature of American politics is highly populist,” Romney said.

The right is anti-foreign goods, anti-trade and anti-immigration, while the left is anti-bank, anti-wealthy people and anti-billionaire, he said, adding that there’s a degree of resentment and anger across the country and it’s being reflected on both sides of the aisle.

“I’m perhaps a throwback, Romney said. “I jokingly say I have about 2% of the population that’s with me, and that’s an overstatement.”