MSNBC Host Suggests Four More Years of Trump is Better Than Bernie Sanders Winning in 2020


Full panic has set in at MSNBC and in other liberal bastions as Bernie Sanders seems inevitable.

Chris Mathews knows Bernie will get steamrolled in the general election and sounded the alarm but took a stunning approach for MSNBC.

He seems to think four more years of Trump will be better than Bernie. Ouch.

“I’m wondering if Democratic moderates want Bernie Sanders to be President?” said Matthews.

“Maybe that’s too exciting a question to raise. Do they want Bernie to take over the Democratic Party in perpetuity?”

“Maybe they’d rather wait 4 years and put in a Democrat that they like,” he said.

“This is what happens when you and your network are in a complete panic-riddled meltdown,” said Intercept journalist Jeremy Scahill.

“You say the quiet part out loud on national TV.”

“Come on my fellow journalists!” tweeted Sanders press secretary Briahna Joy Gray. “Let’s try to keep it together!”

“With families being ripped apart every day, tens of thousands of people dying from lack of healthcare every year, the window for climate action rapidly closing, and the future of our democracy at stake, they would rather have four more years of Trump than have Bernie,” said Bernie’s campaign national organizing director Claire Sandberg.