New Wisconsin Poll Shows Trump Crushing Every Single Democrats Still In Race


The Democrats are doomed. Trump, like every winning incumbent, saw a slight dip in the polls after the midterm only to see his numbers shoot up as the election approaches.

Happened with Bush, Obama, Reagan and it should terrify the Democrats. Even more than the booming economy.

But what should really keep the left up at night is a new Wisconsin poll. Wisconsin is a key swing state. If the Democrats win back Michigan and Pennsylvania but lose Wisconsin they still lose.

Wisconsin is Trump’s rust belt firewall and a new poll shows Trump beating every single Democrat still in the field.

The midterms were very close in Wisconsin with less than 1% separating the winners from losers in key statewide races.

Trump beat Hillary by only 22,000 votes in 2016. It is a must win for the Democrats. Here are the nightmare numbers for the left:

WISCONSIN WH’2020 poll (Quinnipiac):

Trump 50

Klobuchar 39

Trump 51

Warren 41

Trump 49

Buttigieg 41

Trump 50

Sanders 43

Trump 49

Biden 42

Trump 49

Bloomberg 41

Trump job 51 approve, 46 dis. 50 fav, 47 unfav.