SF Giants Blackball Aubrey Huff For Supporting Trump, Tell Him He’s Not Welcome At World Series Reunion


The San Franciso Giants just disgraced the entire sport of baseball with a scandalous move meant to silence political discourse in this country.

It is chilling but that is the liberal playbook. In this case, Aubrey Huff was told he is not welcome at the 2010 Giants world Series reunion over his support of Trump.

They also objected to his social media posts – censorship knows many forms and this is just one more example.

From SFGate:

The San Francisco Giants have told Aubrey Huff, a key member of their 2010 World Series championship team, that he will not be welcomed back for a 10-year anniversary reunion at Oracle Park this season.

The Athletic’s Steve Berman and Dan Brown were first to report the story Monday night, and the Giants released a statement confirming the decision. The Giants attributed not inviting Huff to a series of sexist and vulgar social-media posts.

“Earlier this month, we reached out to Aubrey Huff to let him know that he will not be included in the upcoming 2010 World Series Championship reunion,” the Giants said in a statement sent to the Chronicle and the Athletic. “Aubrey has made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization. While we appreciate the many contributions that Aubrey made to the 2010 championship season, we stand by our decision.”

When reached by The Athletic for comment, Huff reportedly said he was “Quite frankly, shocked. Disappointed. If it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be having a reunion. But if they want to stick with their politically correct, progressive bullsh*t, that’s fine.”

Huff has often posted his conservative, pro-Trump views on Twitter in the years since retiring after the 2012 season. But he appeared to advocate the kidnapping of Iranian women in January when tensions flared with the country, tweeting, “we can bring them back here as they fan us and feed us grapes, among other things.”

Huff was not happy about the decision and took to social media to set the record straight. He says the Giants told him his support for Trump was one of the reasons as well as other social media posts.

Welcome to San Francisco cancel culture.