Stacey Abrams Wants To “Jerry Rig System And Go Around Constitution” To Abolish Electoral College


Stacey Abrams just made a classic Dem blunder that should all but eliminate her chances to be the VP nominee in 2020.

Many are talking her up as a potential VP but based on her losing the last election one wonders if the pundits know what they are talking about.

True, picking a recent electoral loser for VP is only something the Dems would do.

So it is a possibility and like all good Dems, she sabotaged her chances by going on “The View” and advocating for abolishing the Electoral College and going around the constitution to do so.

The Democrats are just bad at politics – they can’t get out of their own way and hurt themselves by pissing off voters by promoting pipe dreams that will never happen.

“One more question. You’ve called the Electoral College a racist and classist system. Can you just break it down in the way, you know how to?” asked Sunny Hostin.

Abrams went on a nonsensical rant calling the Electoral College a racist system that we needed to go.

Joy Behar jumped in and said no chance the GOP will go along with that when Abrams stunned the audience and said we should abolish the electoral college and “jerry-rig the system and go around the Constitution” by getting enough states to back a popular vote bill.

She added she “didn’t have time,” to follow proper procedure and use a Constitutional amendment as enshrined in law.

On ICE and the census Abrams said:

“If you want to make sure that the person knocking on your door isn’t I.C.E., answer the census online.”

“People who are afraid that if you answer the census they’ll be able to find you because you have a warrant, you owe somebody money, whatever, if you have a light bill or a cell phone, they know how to find you.”

“So answer the census so you can get your money and your political power because that’s how we decide congressional leaders, how we decide school board members, how we decide every level of political power.”

“Answer the census in 2020, get your money and be counted.”