Trump Finds Skeleton In Bloomberg’s Closet, Goes Public And Sinks His Campaign


The Dems bombed last night as the nation watched in horror.  These candidates are the Dems best and brightest?

These are the best people the Dems can bring forward in such a critical election? A fake socialist worth millions with three houses who’s never had a real job in his life?

A fake Indian who used liberal affirmative action policies to game the system to her advantage at Harvard and in Texas?

A Mayor from South Bend, Indiana? A billionaire Republican from New York City? It is a joke and Trump went after them all but savaged Bloomberg in ways that will sink his campaign.

“Mini Mike Bloomberg’s debate performance tonight was perhaps the worst in the history of debates, and there have been some really bad ones,” Trump said.

“He was stumbling, bumbling and grossly incompetent. If this doesn’t knock him out of the race, nothing will. Not so easy to do what I did,” Trump added.

Trump said in Arizona of the doomed Bloomberg:

“Now they have a new member of the crew, Mini Mike,” Trump said. “No boxes, we call him ‘no boxes.’ And I hear he’s getting pounded tonight. You know he’s in a debate? I hear they’re pounding him.

“He spent $500 million so far,” Trump said. “And I think he has 15 points. It just came out. Hey fake news, how many points does he have right now? 15?”

Correct. Trump knocked out Bloomberg by dragging a skeleton out of his closet. Trump posted a video from Fox News where Bloomberg says he is a big fan of Trump.

“A great guy,” Bloomberg called Trump among other platitudes Mike has given Trump over the years.

The left will never forgive you, Mike, save your money and go home.