Trump Steals Dems Thunder With Massive Show Of Support In Arizona As Thousands Wait In Line For Rally


President Trump is on a west coast swing and true to form he is stealing the attention from the Dems big night.

The Dems are infighting and the chaos is obvious for all to see. They are leaderless and rudderless and confused as to the direction they need to go.

Adrift and flailing they should be concerned. Has any Dem candidate impressed you? No, just more of the same.

Look, they don’t have a candidate who can beat Trump and panic is setting in.

They are all hoping tonight will bring clarity and great headlines and big ratings.

Trump, ever the media master is holding a rally in Arizona just to remind the Dems what awaits.

And to get the media to cover the thousands of people waiting in line and camping overnight – something the Dem candidates simply cannot do on a regular basis.

Check out the crowd in Phoenix, Arizona for the “Keep America Great” rally tonight at the AZ Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

People camping out, having fun, waiting in line all sending a strong message to the Dems candidates that Trump will not be easy to beat.