Two Mueller Prosecutors Quit After Bill Barr Overrules Them On Roger Stone Sentence


Two federal prosecutors in the criminal case against Roger Stone just quit the case after Bill Barr overruled them in the Roger Stone case.

One prosecutor, Jonathon Kravis, quit the Department of Justice while the second goon of Mueller just quit the Stone case but kept his job (for now) with the DOJ.

It was typical prosecutorial overreach – that added years to the sentence over a bogus threat Stone made to a friend who did not even consider it a threat.


Trump, of course, could just pardon Stone right now or commute his sentence.

From CNBC:

Jonathan Kravis, who delivered the closing argument at Stone’s trial last fall, resigned as an assistant U.S. Attorney, according to a court filing Tuesday in Washington, D.C., federal court.

Another prosecutor, Aaron Zelinsky, also withdrew from Stone’s case, and resigned as a special assistant in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C.

But Zelinsky will continue serving as a federal prosecutor in Maryland.

Kravis and Zelinsky were among the four prosecutors who signed the controversial sentencing recommendation for Stone on Monday night that has come under attack both from the Justice Department and from Trump for being too harsh.

Those prosecutors told Judge Amy Berman Jackson in that filing that Stone should get a prison term of between seven and nine years when he is sentenced Feb. 20 for crimes related to lying to Congress about his contacts with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election and his efforts to get an associate, comedian Randy Credico, to cover for his lies.

Prosecutors said their proposed sentence mirrors the sentence suggested federal sentencing guidelines, which are calculated according to a formula that takes into account the severity of the crime, the type of conduct involved, and a defendant’s prior criminal history.