Bette Midler Crosses Line With Attack On Trump: “Most repulsive human male on the planet, corrupt parasitic traitor”


President Trump took aim at Elizabeth Warren and her disastrous run for the top office in the land.

He said: “But people don’t like her. She’s a very mean person. People don’t want that. They like a person like me, that’s not mean.”

Correct. Trump also tweeted out:

“So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race. She has Zero chance of even coming close to winning, but hurts Bernie badly. So much for their wonderful liberal friendship. Will he ever speak to her again? She cost him Massachusetts (and came in third), he shouldn’t!”

Hollywood has been Bette Midler did not take kindly to Trump telling the truth and attacked him in a scandalous way.

“Today #Trump said that #ElizabethWarren was mean; this from a MF who put children in cages with aluminum blankets; that she had no talent. Meaning she was not a corrupt parasitic traitor who’s managed to get away with some of the most appalling criminal behavior ever seen in US.

#EllizabethWarren is a powerhouse, but Donald Trump, that stable genius, said she was unlikeable.  Well, Don, in breaking news, she’s 100% more likable than you!  You are the most hated, most repulsive human male on the planet today, & God knows, there are plenty to choose from.

And BTW , #ElizabethWarren was a tremendous candidate.  I admired her conduct, her platform, and her determination to drive corruption out of government.  She knew the numbers.  Why do smart women freak Americans out so bad? Personality contests are the gateway to mediocrity.”